Our Mission:

Empower with music.

We give people from all over the world an opportunity to experience film music in a live concert setting, with the hope that audiences will be inspired, learn, and become empowered to pursue their unique creative voices.


Our Mission

The CineConcerts Foundation seeks to connect people around the world from all backgrounds and ethnicities with opportunities to experience music and media in a live concert setting. Further fundraising initiatives include partnering with charitable organizations to raise money through concerts produced by CineConcerts, which directly benefit people of all ages and ethnicities in more than 40 countries.



Rudy in Concert

On March 30, 2019, The CineConcerts Foundation in partnership with CineConcerts kicked off its first charitable film concert: Rudy in Concert.

Among the attendees were over 1,000 children, families and nonprofit staff who received free ticket donations. The CineConcerts Foundation reached out to over 50 organizations across Southern California, including Create Now, Harmony Project and the L.A. Phil Assn.





We want to bring children and families together to experience film music in an entirely new way. If anyone can leave with new appreciation for this beautiful craft, then we are doing our job.

- Justin Freer & Brady Beaubien